X-rays during pregnancy: can you do it?

X-rays when pregnant

An x-ray examination is used to detect broken bones, abnormal tissue formations, such as cysts or tumors, lung lesions during pneumonia, injuries of a certain kind, the presence of foreign objects, dental problems, etc. There is a common belief that x-ray screening is not safe during pregnancy which is not completely true. The American college … Read more

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Why Do I Have Swollen Gums? Answers for Expecting Mothers

Swollen Gums During Pregnancy

Based on the information provided by the CDC, 60 to 75 percent of pregnant women suffer from gum disease. While this may seem a minor problem, those experiencing pregnancy gingivitis know how wrong this judgment is. Today we’ll explain why bleeding and swollen gums are typical of expecting mothers and how those can be prevented … Read more

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Postnatal Vitamins While Breastfeeding

Postnatal Vitamins While Breastfeeding

Some people say that the breastfeeding period is the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This time is so special for creating a special bond between the mother and her baby. To make this period cloudless and pleasant for both parties, it’s essential that breastfeeding women receive the entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals that will support … Read more

Things to Know about Hernia during Pregnancy

Hernia During Pregnancy

There is no precise statistic regarding how many women develop hernia while expecting a baby. However, we know for sure that this condition is not uncommon and may affect pregnant women of all ages. Hernia refers to the protrusion of the internal organs or fat tissues through the weakened spot in the abdominal muscles. In … Read more

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Bacterial vaginosis and infertility: what to know

Bacterial vaginosis

The scientific evidence shows that women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) are prevalent in patients with infertility. A study from 2013 estimates that the prevalence of patients who have BV is 19% and abnormal vaginal flora occurs in 39% of infertile patients. In this article, we cover the mechanism of how BV affects fertility and what … Read more

How to Treat Sickness When Pregnant

sick while pregnant

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to various infections and illnesses. That’s why they have to be more careful and mindful of their health. Any minor symptoms can be enough to schedule an unplanned appointment with your doctor. The immune system is rather weak during pregnancy. So, whenever a mother-to-be feels under the weather, things can … Read more

What Is the Umbilical Cord?

Umbilical Cord

Every father accompanying his wife in labor feels thrilled when a doctor offers to cut the umbilical cord. This organ is somehow sacred, which is often explained by the fact that it is the thing that joins the mother and her baby not in the emotional sense but physically. The umbilical cord is an organ … Read more

Tanning during pregnancy: can you do it safely?

Tanning during pregnancy

The future mother has to rethink many of her habits and preferable activities as many of them can affect her baby. One such thing that is surrounded by misconceptions, is tanning during pregnancy. Skin Protection Ultraviolet rays that go through the ozone layer are of A and B types, different in wavelength. UV-B rays make … Read more