Getting Pregnant Naturally

How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Choosing to start trying for a baby for the first time is a wonderful but somewhat confusing period in men’s and women’s lives. There are so many myths and misinformation about what one can and cannot do while trying to conceive. Of course, many common practices will, indeed, increase your chances of conceiving naturally. Yet, … Read more

Male Fertility Testing

Male Fertility Testing

Scientific research on the incidence of male factor infertility revealed that 40 – 50% of couples struggle to become parents due to male reproductive system problems. For this reason, male fertility testing has become a common practice in recent years. In this post, we’ll talk in detail about the types of male fertility testing, possible … Read more

Antepartum Depression. What Should You Know?

Antepartum Depression

While many of you have probably heard about postpartum depression, only a few know what antepartum depression is. In fact, this is the name for depression during pregnancy. It is proven scientifically that the prevalence rate for this type of depression reaches 16.4%. Due to the risks for the expecting mothers and their babies, it … Read more