Herbs to be careful with when pregnant

Herbs to be careful with when pregnant

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the term “herbal medicines” includes “herbs and herbal materials, herbal preparations and finished herbal products that contain parts of plants, other plant materials, or combinations as active ingredients.” with the defining so-called “active ingredients” as “the ingredients of herbal medicines with a therapeutic activity where the active ingredients … Read more

X-rays during pregnancy: can you do it?

X-rays when pregnant

An x-ray examination is used to detect broken bones, abnormal tissue formations, such as cysts or tumors, lung lesions during pneumonia, injuries of a certain kind, the presence of foreign objects, dental problems, etc. There is a common belief that x-ray screening is not safe during pregnancy which is not completely true. The American college … Read more

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Why Do I Have Swollen Gums? Answers for Expecting Mothers

Swollen Gums During Pregnancy

Based on the information provided by the CDC, 60 to 75 percent of pregnant women suffer from gum disease. While this may seem a minor problem, those experiencing pregnancy gingivitis know how wrong this judgment is. Today we’ll explain why bleeding and swollen gums are typical of expecting mothers and how those can be prevented … Read more

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Things to Know about Hernia during Pregnancy

Hernia During Pregnancy

There is no precise statistic regarding how many women develop hernia while expecting a baby. However, we know for sure that this condition is not uncommon and may affect pregnant women of all ages. Hernia refers to the protrusion of the internal organs or fat tissues through the weakened spot in the abdominal muscles. In … Read more

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Abdominal Pain and Pregnancy. When to Seek Help?

Abdominal Pain and Pregnancy

The short answer to the question is it depends. Abdominal ache during pregnancy may be provoked by multiple reasons and the majority of expecting mothers will feel it at any time throughout their pregnancies. In the bulk of cases, there’s nothing to worry about. Still, it’s worth learning to differentiate between the pain that is … Read more

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How to Treat Sickness When Pregnant

sick while pregnant

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to various infections and illnesses. That’s why they have to be more careful and mindful of their health. Any minor symptoms can be enough to schedule an unplanned appointment with your doctor. The immune system is rather weak during pregnancy. So, whenever a mother-to-be feels under the weather, things can … Read more