Herbs to be careful with when pregnant

Herbs to avoid during pregnancy

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the term “herbal medicines” includes “herbs and herbal materials, herbal preparations and finished herbal products that contain parts of plants, other plant materials, or combinations as active ingredients.” with the defining so-called “active ingredients” as “the ingredients of herbal medicines with a therapeutic activity where the active ingredients … Read more

X-rays during pregnancy: can you do it?

X-rays when pregnant

An x-ray examination is used to detect broken bones, abnormal tissue formations, such as cysts or tumors, lung lesions during pneumonia, injuries of a certain kind, the presence of foreign objects, dental problems, etc. There is a common belief that x-ray screening is not safe during pregnancy which is not completely true. The American college … Read more

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How to Treat Sickness When Pregnant

sick while pregnant

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to various infections and illnesses. That’s why they have to be more careful and mindful of their health. Any minor symptoms can be enough to schedule an unplanned appointment with your doctor. The immune system is rather weak during pregnancy. So, whenever a mother-to-be feels under the weather, things can … Read more

Tanning during pregnancy: can you do it safely?

Tanning during pregnancy

The future mother has to rethink many of her habits and preferable activities as many of them can affect her baby. One such thing that is surrounded by misconceptions, is tanning during pregnancy. Skin Protection Ultraviolet rays that go through the ozone layer are of A and B types, different in wavelength. UV-B rays make … Read more

Sushi while Pregnant

Sushi while Pregnant

Food cravings during pregnancy are common thing. But what if the only thing you can think of is sushi? Can you enjoy those tasty rolls without risk for the fetus growing inside you? Well, it depends on your preferences. While sushi, overall, is not forbidden, it’s essential that you avoid kinds containing raw or undercooked … Read more

Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Hair Removal and Pregnancy

Our bodies are unique and beautiful creations in their every inch. Gurus of body-positive thinking don’t get tired of persuading us that body hair is OK. And that if you want to keep it, it won’t make you look any worse. Any doctor will tell you the same thing, not because of their body-positive thinking … Read more

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss is a problem affecting almost every woman who has given birth to a child. But if trusting the American Pregnancy Association, 40 – 50% of expecting mothers deal with hair thinning and loss. The reasons for this condition can be numerous, and each requires a different treatment approach. In the article, we’ll … Read more