Who is a pediatric dentist

What is a pediatric dentist

First child’s teeth start to appear at the age of average 6 months. Then, when the kid is of 6 or 7 years old, they start to lose their first set of teeth to get so-called permanent teeth. And tooth decay – dental caries, a bacterial infection that causes cavity formation – is much more … Read more

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Postnatal Vitamins While Breastfeeding

Postnatal Vitamins While Breastfeeding

Some people say that the breastfeeding period is the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This time is so special for creating a special bond between the mother and her baby. To make this period cloudless and pleasant for both parties, it’s essential that breastfeeding women receive the entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals that will support … Read more

Melatonin, children, and good night rest

Melatonin for kids

When speaking about children’s sleep issues, it is important to keep in mind that they affect both the kid and their parent. The latter cannot fall asleep themselves and it starts a never-ending cycle of stress and fatigue. Reaching for helpful dietary supplements looks like a simple and effective solution. Let us dive deeper into … Read more

Should I Worry about Green Baby Poop?

Green Baby Poop

Becoming a parent for the first time everything related to their baby that goes beyond their imagining of how it should be, causes them to panic. One of the most common things that make new parents freak out is seeing green poop in their baby’s diaper. Ask any pediatrician, and they will prove that during … Read more

Birth Month Symbols. What Do They Mean?

Birth Month Symbols

Throughout the history of humanity, people trusted in symbols:the Zodiac, the Celtic Tree of Life, and others. Periods and ages changed bringing about new ways to explain certain traits of character of a person or other things happening in their lives. People used birth month symbols as their mascots, believing they can protect them from … Read more