Caffeine during Pregnancy

Caffeine and Pregnancy

For many people, a cup of coffee is not only a daily morning ritual but also a way to wake up and see the world in brighter colors. Many women are deprived of the possibility to enjoy their drink because of pregnancy. And it’s not because of the harm it can do to their health … Read more

Nipple Pain Remedies. Helping Yourself at Home

Nipple Pain Remedies

The image of breastfeeding created by social media is usually crushed by the reality where there is not only a smiling and sweetly sleeping infant but also blocked milk ducts, breast pain, and nipple soreness. However, none of these things can stop a mom who decides to breastfeed no matter what. Today we’ll speak about … Read more

Toxemia During Pregnancy

Toxemia During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, pregnancy is often accompanied by numerous health risks and complications. Toxemia is one of such complications. This condition is often defined by high blood pressure yet its other signs are rather diverse and go from easily manageable to life-threatening. What Is Toxemia? Some women can develop toxemia after 4.5 months of pregnancy. In some … Read more

Pregnancy and Blood Clots: Risks Explained

Blood Clots during Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant can increase the risk of blood clot formation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that women can develop a blood clot during pregnancy five times more often than outside this state. Such a high risk preserves throughout the pregnancy and three months after delivery. While this condition may be dangerous, there … Read more