How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant?

How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant? Getting a positive pregnancy test is always a stressful experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been trying to conceive or hoped to avoid pregnancy because seeing two lines on a test stick, your initial reaction will typically be a shock. However, in the first case, it will soon transform into immense happiness and a strong desire to share the news with your loved one.

The situation is totally different for women who haven’t planed to get pregnant. In this post, we’ll concentrate on sharing the news with your partner in case of unplanned pregnancy. Why? Because many women don’t know how to handle this. Therefore, we hope our advice will help you feel more confident about the upcoming talk and be ready for any reaction of the father-to-be.

Before Making a Talk

Before breaking the news to your partner, it’s important to understand how you feel about this situation. We promise that there will be a range of emotions jumping from fear and anger to happiness and love for the life growing inside you.

Your task is to understand which emotion prevails. Take your time. You need it to hear your own self and realize whether you want to terminate the pregnancy or continue it. Only after you know what decision is right for you, you can proceed to the conversation with your man.

What Should You Know?

The global tendency of surprise pregnancies has declined from 74% to 61%. In the United States, this figure is significantly lower and stays around 45%, according to the CDC. More than half of them ended in abortion. Nobody judges women who have chosen to stop their pregnancy. It’s their decision and their right. Nobody will judge you too.

If anybody says you regret your decision, this may only be true if you do want to preserve the pregnancy but are pushed to abortion by others. In fact, studies say that in 5-year time, 99% of women feel their decision was right.

Continuing with the pregnancy is also a good decision if you think this is the right thing for you. Raising a child won’t be easy, especially if it happens so that you’ll be a single mom. Still, the love you’ll get from your baby is totally worth the challenges.

Besides, many local and national organizations help expecting mothers organize their life while waiting for a baby. Groups of support and numerous communities will guide you through the period of pregnancy and provide moral and material support in the first months postpartum. You won’t be alone.

In case abortion is not an option for you, but you are also not ready to become a mom, adoption might be a good idea for you.

Preparing for the Talk

It will be much easier to tell your partner you’re pregnant if you know his attitude to marriage and family. This will help you to feel safe and more confident about the big decision you’ve made for yourself.

Talk to your boyfriend or husband about your future. Do you have a common vision of it? Is there a baby in his nearest plans? Is he ready to become a father? How will he feel if he finds out you’re pregnant? Getting answers to these questions will give you a hint about the reaction to the big news he will probably have. Therefore, you’ll be better prepared to hear any decision.

Tips for a Pregnancy Talk with Your Partner

  1. Choose the right time to talk. It’s best to talk face to face with no other people present. This will allow you to avoid psychological discomfort if the reaction you hope for doesn’t come. Besides, it’s only between you and your partner, so there’s no place for other people here.
  2. Forget about texting or emailing him. Such news, especially when unexpected, may cut the ground from under his feet. Now just imagine he sees your message in an office full of people whom he can’t share his emotions with. You need to tell the news in person.
  3. Honesty is the clue. Tell your boyfriend/husband how you feel about pregnancy. If you want to keep the baby, he needs to know about this. If you want to terminate the pregnancy, he also deserves to know.
  4. Give him some time. Men need more time than women to know how they feel about the idea of becoming a father. Don’t push him. Just remember seeing two lines on a test yourself. You’ve been shocked. So is he. Wait for him to accept this idea and work out a decision. He may be unable to make it the day you tell him you are pregnant.
  5. If he starts blaming you for what has happened, remind him that pregnancy prevention is a responsibility of both a man and a woman.
  6. If your opinions regarding pregnancy don’t coincide, do what you think is right or look for a compromise. By no means should you allow a man, even the one you love, to decide what you should do with your body and the life of your child.

How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant? – Summing up

To find out you’re pregnant is a thrilling experience. But before deciding what should come next, you need time to think the situation over. Besides, you must share the news with your partner. He deserves to know about the baby. This might be the hardest conversation in your life, but it will let you understand whether you stay alone with your pregnancy or get strong support from the person you love.

Naturally, we wish you get the latter, but life is unpredictable. Anyway, you are not alone, and there’s always someone who can give you a helping hand.

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