Crystals for Pregnancy. The Power of Nature for Mother and Child

Pregnancy and childbirth are periods of significant inner and outer transformations for every woman. Growing a new life inside, we want to protect it from any negative energy. The feeling of unconditional love arising in each expectant mother gives her the energy to withstand any difficulties on the way to maternity.

While uplifting, this time brings along many challenges we have to overcome. Emotional ups and downs, a flood of intense feelings, and the utmost fear for something to go wrong go side by side with almost many pregnant women.
Therefore, it’s essential that in your pregnancy journey, you surround yourself with positive energy and people ready to support you. The spirituality of pregnancy makes some women look for extra support, which they often find in crystals.

How Can Crystals Help Your Pregnancy?

The healing properties of crystals were known to people thousands of years Before Christ. People used them for curing diseases, protection from the bad eye, and as a source of energy.

We all are made of energy, and so are crystals. Each of us has its own unique energy flows, and when we find a crystal matching them, we feel our life energy going up. The positive vibrations between our body and crystals allow opening the energy blocked in our chakras.

During pregnancy, the feminine energy needs to be constantly filled. Crystals can be an effective tool for implementing this idea into life. The main thing about that is to find YOUR crystal – the one that resonates with your body and soul.

We’ve listed some of the most powerful crystals that will help you from the attempts to conceive to pregnancy, birth, and lactation.

Rose Quartz

The pale pink color of this crystal are as gentle and deep as a mother’s love for her baby. This stone is often called the heart chakra crystal because it brings an immeasurable dose of love to the woman. The stone helps relax your body and mind in the wait for the appearance of your baby.

Rose Quartz is a great choice for those attempting to conceive. It eases the stress on the reproductive system and reduces the emotional tension of failure. Pregnant women and those in the early postpartum can also benefit from Rose Quartz. Holding it in their hands or just keeping it close to the body helps to alleviate the stress levels.

Lapis Lazuli

The energy of Lapis Lazuli aims to bring harmony and peace into the life of an expecting mother. Historically, this stone was used during labor to ease the process and make it smoother for the mother and child. The crystal helps to eliminate the physical stress in every stage of bringing a new life to the world.
Lapis Lazuliis also known to protect the sacral chakra from the influence of negative energy, and, therefore, prevent a miscarriage and promote a healthy pregnancy.


The stone of fertility, as it is often called, the moonstone, is one of the mostcommon choices of women seeking aid to strengthen their reproductive organs and balance their body and hormones for easier and faster natural conception.

Expectant mothers look to getting the moonstone to soothe morning sickness and get extra energy charge from the crystal. Moonstone can save you from the emotional swings, bringing calmness and grace to your day.


If you want to feel the powerful energy of the stone, bloodstone should be your choice. Its energy flows allow making their owners stronger physically and mentally. This stone is indispensable during labor. It gives the mother a strong energy charge to have the power and the will to bring a new person to this side.
This stone boosts the immune system, improves the circulation of blood, and ensures faster healing for the mother. The endless vitality stream and immense life energy coming from this stone are priceless for a smooth childbirth experience.

Bloodstone is one of the root chakra stones. By enhancing the circulation of blood in this area, the crystal helps male infertility. Therefore, both a man and a woman can benefit from this stone.


Unakite is one of the most famous pregnancy crystals. Many doulas prefer to keep this stone with them when helping a woman to deliver her baby safely. The energy of the crystal promotes healthy baby growth as well as balances the mother’s reproductive health for a harmonious and healthy pregnancy.

The stone helps the creation of a special bond between the mother and the baby. New mothers can also control their emotions better due to the calming energy of Unakite.


The lilac color of Amethyst is a perfect reflection of the calmness and serenity this stone can bring to an expectant mother. This crystal, as a shield, protects you from fears of pregnancy and childbirth, reduces anxiety levels, and helps you to sleep better, making you ready for meeting a new life in the best spirits.
Women who want to feel the tranquility and connection with the universe in the labor process often chose Amethyst.

Crystals Malachite for Pregnancy

The green color of this stone is the true embodiment of the power of nature in a crystal. Malachite is sometimes referred to as a midwife stone. The crystal healing properties have been used for centuries to soothe labor pain while stimulating contractions. With Malachite by your side, you should have no worries, as it will keep you and your child safe and sound until you finally meeton this side.

Crystals Aquamarine for Pregnancy

Despite the gentleness felt through the colors of Aquamarine, this crystal is a powerful protection tool for a woman and her child. It is believed that Aquamarine can guard against miscarriage and soothe pain, fatigue, and headaches in women waiting for the main event in their lives.

The calming energy of the crystal allows for an easier transition to the role of the mother, supporting a woman at every stage of this long way.

How to Use the Crystals for Pregnancys?

To stay under the protection of crystals and be able to receive their life energy, it’s essential to remain within the area of their energy flows. There are many ways you can use these magic stones to your benefit. You may hold them in your hand, rubbing them with your finger to calm down and restore emotional balance.

You can also place stones near your bedside, in the pocket, or in any other way you can keep them close to your body. Some people put the crystals in their morning glass of water to get a positive energy charge for the rest of the day.
If you practice yoga or other meditating practices, you can put a crystal on the chakra you’d like to open. Struggling to get pregnant, you should place the stones on your sacral or root chakra to activate them. The same you can do during the pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and any issues with the child’s development.

The mentioned methods of using stones by pregnant women are limited to some minutes, there is a way you can stay within the energy flows of the crystals throughout the day and night. We now speak about wearing crystal jewelry. It looks incredibly beautiful due to the unique natural colors of the crystals shaped into a bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Crystals for Pregnancy – Summing up

The power of nature and the wisdom of our ancestors living in energy crystals is a treasure trove for any woman attempting to conceive or living through the most difficult yet the most unforgettable and pleasurable time of her life, which pregnancy is.

The crystals can provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth, and early days of motherhood.
Just find the crystal your body and soul resonate with and fill yourself with the healing energy of nature.

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